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Here is the deal. Some of you wonder why a known pervert like me rarely posts porn on my Tumblr. Some wonder why I don’t follow folks who do. Here is the simple answer. 

I support the creators of art. I support the models, actresses, photographers, videographers, directors, producers, etc. 

I believe every time you post uncredited work, you steal from these folks. And this is much different from prating a fucking Avengers movie. These are mostly folks that work hard to eek out a living,doing what they and you love. 

That is why I try to exclusively limit what I post to credited to, and preferably posted by the creators or talent in the work. 

Folks like mynudeselfproject provillain lovinglyhandmadepornography maestrostefanos emilieaudrey and folks I am sure I am forgetting, deserve your support. 

I judge you harshly if you fill your Tumblr with uncredited work.


Monica Jones… is a trans student in Arizona where they have a law against “manifesting prostitution”. Ostensibly it is a means of cleaning up the streets and “rescuing” women from the sex trade. The practice is, of course, very different, because all it takes to be found guilty of this crime is for a police officer to decide that you look like a prostitute. And what does a prostitute look like to an Arizona police officer? Obviously she’s female, she’s not white, and probably she’s trans.

Monica was brave enough to speak out against this law. Not long after she was arrested. Yesterday she was found guilty, solely on the word of the arresting officer. She has been sentenced to a minimum of 30 days in prison, and a $500 fine. As a trans woman, she will be sent to a men’s prison.

The silence about this from the white, liberal feminist media is deafening.

That’s what it means to be without privilege. You can be arrested simply for walking down the street, convicted without any evidence of wrongdoing being required, and subjected to what in any civilized country would be described as a cruel and unusual punishment. And the supposedly liberal media doesn’t fucking care.

Living Without Privilege | Cheryl’s Mewsings (via mslorelei)
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